A minimally invasive approach to AV fistula creation.

The Ellipsys® Vascular Access System has received FDA approval in the U.S. and European CE Mark approval for the creation of an arteriovenous fistula in patients with chronic kidney disease requiring hemodialysis.

Three strong reasons to rely on Ellipsys:


Its reputation as the only system of its kind with published U.S. data, cleared for use in HOPD, ASC and OBL settings.


Its patented tissue fusion technology, enabling immediate, minimally invasive creation of permanently fused anastomosis.


Its track record of achievement in over 2000 procedures, with long-term functional patency. And that’s reason enough to learn more about Ellipsys today.

  • “I have a family member on dialysis and his arm is all lumpy and bumpy, not mine. My arm looks great! After my procedure, I had a bandage placed and my daughter took me to lunch.”

    Paulette, Richmond, VA
  • “I had no surgery and have no scar. I am so happy to hear that Ellipsys has received FDA approval so other patients like me can benefit from this type of fistula. I had no surgery and have no scar. Amazing when I compare my AVF with others in the dialysis unit. There is no comparison.”

    Theresa Torres, Tempe AZ


2.5 million hemodialysis patients worldwide

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Patient population growing at 8% per year


3.4 million hemodialysis patients worldwide by 2020

Interested in more clinical data?

“For vascular access, Ellipsys is a paradigm shift of the highest order.”

Thomas J. Fogarty, MD

AV fistula creation methods have not changed in 50 years. Ellipsys is changing that.

Provides a minimally invasive percutaneous AV fistula without an implant

Is a minimally invasive procedure

Utilizes upper arm AVF for hemodialysis

Is ultrasound image guided

Enables single catheter venous access

Enables intravascular sealing of the vein and artery

Leaves the vasculature at the AVF site undisturbed

Requires only regional or local anesthesia

Avoids technique-dependent vessel suturing

1. Beathard GA, Litchfield T, Jennings WG. Two-year cumulative patency of endovascular arteriovenous fistula. JVA 2019 Sep.

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